Jasmine Jade

August Green Garden adheres to the high quality service of Hong Kong's beautiful heart cuisine. The chef chooses the ingredients carefully with his hands and "does not add MSG" in the cooking process, bringing the creative Cantonese cuisine with color, fragrance, taste and health.


Inheritance green garden food brand origin, many more classic and creative dishes: jade garden hall get piece of skin, fresh crab meat, duck tape for avocado, Boston lobster food (flowers Fried brew the lobster soup on/lobster tail), asparagus three floors, etc., and much more, of course, a lot of money to finish the signs on the dim sum such as bird cage snacks, old jade garden fruit Fried powder, old niang pineapple bun, etc.; There are also new desserts combining Chinese and Western cultures, such as napoleon 101 Fresh Fruit, which is 325px high, stuffed with a variety of fresh fruits in the loose pastry, bringing the highest enjoyment to the eyes and taste of diners!

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020-8521 9202
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11:00 - 22:00