EVISU captured the imagination of the detail-obsessed Japanese fashion crowd and spurred a revival of interest in vintage denim which spread around the world. EVISU was initially more a labour of love than a commercial venture and despite phenomenal success EVISU’s mission to create the highest quality products has remained unchanged. This underlying value defines EVISU’s position as an icon in the history of denim wear.


EVISUKURO is a collection injecting the sporty and high-tech elements to create athleisure style. With the inspiration from street culture and bold design, EVISUKURO was launched in 2018 on the occasion of the brand’s 5th anniversary, with “BEYOND BLACK”and “BEYOND DENIM” as slogans. EVISUKURO incorporating more streetwear-inspired elements, blurring the line between grown-ups and young people.Streetwear gets a luxe makeover as heritage brands aim to influence millennials

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