Nayuki innovatively created the form of "tea + soft euro bread". The tea can be changed in 4 hours, and the soft euro bread does not stay overnight. In 2019, Nayuki was selected as one of the "China's Top Ten Brands of Tea Drinks ". It breaks people's traditional perception that the tea drinks market is limited to low and mid-range brands. By focusing on providing creative tea drinks made from high-quality ingredients, Nayuki, locating in the core of high-end commercial centers in the city and providing experience space with a sense of design, has embarked on a development path of high-end fresh tea drinks. In November 2020, following Nayuki, Nayuki's Gifts, Bla Bla Bar and Nayuki's Fantasy Factory, a new store type "Nayuki PRO" was opened, offering four product types: tea drinks, coffee, baking and snacks.

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