Encountering it for the first time, stepping into the realm of luxury and beauty, an open space full of modern art aesthetics, experiencing the miracle of transformation originating from the deep sea, and starting the journey of skin rejuvenation and rejuvenation. Explore the azure world, interweaving deep sea art installations with azure light and shadow, as if immersed in an ocean wonderland, interpreting the source of brand inspiration and miracles. Tracinge back to the source, the legend of deep-sea repair, exploring the secret of beauty improvement, perceiving the essence of the brand's rare and radiant energy, and witnessing the birth of the first bottle of miracle face cream. Open the precious, private luxury feast, personalized hand care for respecting and loving yourself. The glossy base makeup series has transformed into 5 high-end luxury makeup, immersed in the gilded luxury salon, and encountered the miracle of rejuvenation.

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