MAKE UP FOR EVER is the professional makeup brand who provides performers with the makeup and tools needed to transform for the stage. Since its beginning in 1984, the brand creates high performance products for professional makeup artists and makeup fans all around the world. It believes that “LIFE IS A STAGE” and people are the artists of their own lives.


MAKE UP FOR EVER’s mission is to “create and educate to elevate”. The brand allows everyone access to all products and benefits that the professional makeup artists enjoy. The brand has always worked with professionals to stay on the cutting-edge of technological, formulistic and artistic advances. MAKE UP FOR EVER is exuberant, eclectic, full of energy and enthusiasm. The brand considers makeup as a means of self-expression and invites its Tribe to play, experiment and ultimately re-discover their inner artist. This joyful and free spirit covers all aspects of the brand, from product development to the trusting relationship with customers.

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