Jasmine Jade

A Garden of Tastes

Bask in the aroma of freshly brewed tea as you tour a traditional English garden. Jasmine Jade brings you to a garden party where you are invited to savor original Chinese cuisines while in the embrace of floral elegance.

Founded in 1971 in Hong Kong, Jade Garden is Hong Kong Maxim’s Group’s first Cantonese restaurant to pioneer Hong Kong’s unique Yam Cha culture and the western style service that the brand is acclaimed for. Jasmine Jade also boasts the health elements of the Jade Garden brand – our chefs hand-pick seasonal ingredients, and employs nothing but their seasoned arts of the Cantonese cuisine – no MSG added – to bring out the authentic flavors in the freshest ingredients, taking you to a blooming garden of tastes.

Shop Number
Phone Number
020-8521 9202
Opening Hour
11:00 - 22:00