Ninethirty is a new and simplified restaurant brand owned by Awfully Chocolate.


Ninethirty is unique in its "delicate dishes", each carefully crafted and original, such as apple cookie salad, slow-cooked beef ribs and deep-fried octopus in ink sauce, that will make your finger tick.


Desserts are something to look forward to. On top of the Awfully Chocolate line, there is a new line of on-site baked desserts, including the Awfully dark Chocolate marshmallows, which are "caramelized" right in front of you for a double treat of the freshest desserts available.


The Awfully Chocolate team has crafted a range of Chocolate cocktails to complement your dining experience.

Shop Number
Phone Number
020-8709 6683
Opening Hour
10:00 - 22:00