Asian Table offers traditional Singapore-Thai-Chinese cuisine in a charming contemporary atmosphere.


The cuisine is heavily influenced by the rich culinary traditions found on the island of Singapore. Dating back to 1819 when the British East India company first set up a trading colony on this island, located off the tip of Malay Peninsula, Singapore has been known worldwide for its flavorful cuisine. The cooking styles and influences of the original immigrants and traders from southern China, Malaysia, southern India and Portugal can be found on our menu today.


In cooking the seafood, beef and chicken dishes, the brand selects only the finest herbs, spices, rice and noodles. Sample of these spices are actually displayed inside glass panels of our dining rooms tables.


The cooking style utilizes both traditional wok and pan frying techniques to prepare such specialties as Kam heong - crispy coconut shrimp and scallop and Singapore chili prawn.

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020-8708 5782
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10:00 - 22:00