With every cup of coffee, we hope to bring starbucks' heritage and unique coffee experience to our customers. In China, Starbucks is undoubtedly a pioneer in coffee knowledge and expertise, and has always adhered to its own tradition and characteristics, offering first-class coffee products, as well as other quality drinks and food products to customers. Chinese people have a tradition of drinking tea, but Starbucks has created a good coffee culture in such a tea-drinking society. The atmosphere of the Starbucks store resembles that of a traditional Chinese teahouse, a place for relaxing and gossiping, a public living room for chatting with friends and family. Starbucks' unique global starbucks experience, high-quality and humanized service and its "third space" concept have also aroused wide resonance among Chinese consumers.

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020-3855 0619
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9:00 - 22:00